R E A I N 


We are builders & 
mixed media fabricators with diverse experience and capabilities  - from CNC machined product prototypes, to custom woodworking, metal fabrication, even project management of commercial remodelling projects. Where other companies say "we don't do that", we say "we can do that!".

-Custom woodworking - millwork, furniture, solid wood 
-CNC Router services - We provide machining of materials including wood, plastic, soft metal, foam, etc, up to 5'x10'
-Metal Fabrication & Mixed Media Fabrication - TIG and MIG welding, CNC cutting
-3D Printing
-Prototyping - Utilizing mixed media, CNC, outsource, and in-house capabilities to produce "looking samples" and functional prototypes
-Project Management & General Contracting - Creating residential & commercial environments

-Architectural features & fabrications
-Film & TV Scenery & Props

-Commercial & Residential projects
-Hospitality & Retail Fixtures
-Custom millwork 


Our priorities are to deliver high quality craftsmanship and a satisfying experience to the client.
This means treating you in a professional and respectful manner throughout the process, and respecting your time, money and premises - ensuring that work is completed in a timely and cost effective way, communication is maintained, and that at the end of the project you know that you have been treated fairly. Our reputation rest on the quality of our work, and a passion for craftsmanship is the driving force behind the very existence of the business.

Please visit the gallery and get in touch to find out how we can work with you. We welcome any and all inquiries.

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